“I was in the race but I was watching the race finish on the Jumbotron, that’s how far behind I was.”

Charlie Spedding’s book, of course, is entitled “From Last To First.” In this interview with Bob Babbitt, Ryan Hall talks about the frequency with which he finished last in track races, when he thought he was a miler. He also speaks of doubts about himself that led him to take a term off from Stanford to get his head straight.

After moving up to the 5,000, the above quote is a reflection that 5,000s might not be for him either. And so it was that he moved up to the Marathon. He has a great line from his coach Terrence Mahon for running a marathon: “Run the first 20 with your head and your last six with your heart.”

He’s not “first” yet, but he has a legitimate shot (although I hope Lel’s not too close when they hit Columbus Circle on Nov. 1). It’s a good interview, and nice discussions about some of his races. Here is part I of V.

He’s in a crowd of triathletes and notes that he doesn’t know how people can train for them, given what he has to for his one event.