After last Sunday’s race I was OK on a Monday morning 6-miler, but Tuesday morning I stopped at about 3.5. I’ve been troubled/bothered/annoyed by pain in my upper left leg and it got to me during that run. I decided to shut it down for that run and then for a few days. It’s one part sciatica, one part hip pain.

So I’m now day-to-day. My truncated season has become even more truncated.

On an unrelated note, kudos to my former club which completed Reach-the-Beach in 33rd Place, averaging 7:20 with an eleven-person squad. (For some reason the “Sound Shore Sand Seekers,” which I liked because it identified us — in Westchester the “Sound Shore” is the part of the county along Long Island Sound; the North Shore is the equivalent on the Island — became “SS Foxchase Sand Seekers.”) Much as I enjoyed doing it in 2006 and 2007, I never wished I were up there again. Road relays remain something that I think everyone should experience. I’ve just become too old and ornery.