One of the few non-running links I have is to Cycling Fans Anonymous. Alas, that blog has posted its last. In a post entitled “The end,” the host says, in the language of the Peleton, adieu. Quite sad, giving up on the sport of cycling:

    This blog is over. I no longer have the time, interest, or motivation to write it. There are no teams left that I want to be a fan of, and I really have no idea which riders are clean and which aren’t. More to the point, I no longer care. I am sick of being lied to and there have just been too many final straws. I also found the nasty atmosphere at the Tour this year to be so fetid and rancorous that I didn’t even want to watch most stages. To me the sport is irredeemably tainted and there doesn’t seem to be anything left to say about it that I haven’t already said too many times before. It was probably pointless saying it all the first time and it is definitely pointless to go on saying it again and again. I have also dealt with many negative consequences of writing this blog which, after over 2 years of it, I no longer care to face day after day.