[Edited to add: Given a conflict with the Queens Half-Marathon and Rosh Hashana, this is being postponed. Not sure when we’ll try it again.]

On September 19, I’ll be heading up to the Rockies. 9am. It’s one of the best trail systems I know of. I’d be happy to have any NYC-area bloggers, and their friends, or anyone else for that matter meet-up there. This would not be a group run per se. People can pick their paces and distances and we’d try to coordinate and we may end up with several groups. Perhaps to be followed by breakfast.

So if you’re interested, either email me or put something in the comments.

  • Name
  • Distance
  • Pace

I’m thinking of having 1 1/2 devoted to the run, but we can arrange things for people who want to go longer. It is accessible from the City via Metro North’s Hudson Line to Tarrytown. Once I get a sense of how many, if any, are coming up, we can fine-tune the logistics. The trails are wide, so the more the merrier.