I posted earlier about a simmering dispute up at the Rockies concerning access to Swan Lake for runners on week-ends. There was “St. Peter and the Rockies” and the follow-up “Munich, the Rockies, and Edward G. Robinson.” And as if anyone needed a reminder about just how influential bloggers are, or at least this blogger is, look no further. Recall that I saw no need for restraints on access since I did not see it as a problem. At worst, it was a problem readily solved with a couple of dashes of common sense.

It is no surprise, then, that the Rockies administration has done exactly what it planned to do all along: Runners have been banned from the path around Swan Lake from 11 to 5 on week-ends and holidays.

I’m not particularly affected by this. But it seems ill-advised.

And the “John” of the title is John D. Rockefeller. The “George,” of course, is Mr. Orwell, as seems fitting given the Parks’ insistence that, as the signs placed strategically if unaesthetically around the place (thanks to Tony Portera), the ban is “To Ensure Tranquility for All.”

Now if Parks will only do something about extend-a-leashes for dogs, which is a real hazard.

Separately (or not), Bob Glover mentioned to me at the Irvington X-C Race that he had gotten $5,000 in contributions for improvements to the Old Croton Aqueduct near the Rockies. This is an incredibly popular stretch, which is picked up right at the entrance to the Sleepy Hollow High School parking lot. I’ve not been there since yesterday.

According to Bob, some minor improvements have been made but he can get no answer to where the rest of the money is/has gone or when further improvements will be made. If anyone has any answers, I’d love to hear them.