I received an email from Zach Siegel of the Irvington (as in Washington) HS Cross-Country team. The club has designed a course essentially on school grounds and is holding a race on Saturday, August 29 at 9:30. It’s a benefit to try to restore some money for the team’s assistant coach. Entry fee: Whatever you want to donate.

Here’s the entry blank and course map.

He writes:

The Irvington cross country team (myself included) goes out about 3 hours earlier than our regularly scheduled summer captains’ practices and works on our trails system with rakes, shovels, etc to make our trails runnable and beautiful. Recently, funding was cut for our team to have an assistant coach, so we’re hosting this 5k to raise money for him to remain a part of our team.

We set out to have a full 5k without any road involved in the woods behind our school, and with the hard work we put in, I would challenge anyone to find better public trails in Westchester. The trails are all newly forged, so they’re all very soft and bucolic; great for running and biking.

Here’s the entry blank and course map.