Last night’s was a good workout. I hadn’t run an interval workout since August 19, 2008, when I did 1000s before tripping on my way home and breaking my elbow. I’ve done repeats, tempo, and hill runs, but not intervals.

Generally speaking, I don’t do a lot of interval training, repeats, tempos, and hills being my chief types of speedwork. I felt, however, that I needed to jump-start things with a high level of intensity, and intervals do that.

I headed over to the White Plains High School track after work. I’ve moved my office to White Plains, so this year-old Mondo track was convenient. In Westchester, there are many tracks but they are frequently difficult to run speedwork on because of people strolling in the inside lane, sometimes even after you ask them to move to the outside (although as a rule people are quite considerate if you ask politely).

As it happens, this was not an issue on this track, which is somewhat out of the way. I’d later have to weave around Westchester Track runners, but for the most part I had the inside lane to myself.

The plan was 4 X 1200, but I realized early in the first effort that that wasn’t going to happen. I was going out a bit faster than I wanted — I hoped for 85s but was doing 80s — so I elected to cut it to 6 X 800. And that’s what happened. They were tough and after each I didn’t know whether I could go on. Taking under 1:30 as my break, though, somehow I managed.

I felt very smooth. I was a bit worried about a sore left knee that resulted from a near-fall on Tuesday when I stepped into a hole on a trail run and that had me hobbling only hours before but it didn’t bother me at all.

I wouldn’t normally post on a workout, but in this case I think it was a good harbinger of making progress. Regular, scheduled track work (with the occasional hills) may be the ticket. This work-out sucked as I struggled to hold everything together, noting how far I had to go as I passed various markings on the track. I made it. There’s something quite satisfying about doing a warm-down after a solid track effort.