It’s raining now, but a bit too late to save me. It rained earlier, but I headed out to Larchmont only after it had stopped, thereby losing the benefit of the cooling-off rain provides. Instead, I was ensnared in the soup to which JT referred. No headphones, no Garmin. Just my standard watch on a run of rolling ups and rolling downs. By mile 5, at the bottom of a hill, I was toast.

But it really didn’t matter. I’ve been up, down, and sideways for months. Too few days in which my legs felt alive. Yesterday, I had a Jekyll/Hyde run in which my legs felt awful for 6 and then alive for 2. But that was a cut-short workout. I have simply been unable to get any miles. Some runs are abbreviated by aches, others by tiredness.

With NY less than three months away, it’s clear that I’m not going to be where I want to be. Last year I had a bunch of 15-milers before I even started marathon-specific work. This year I don’t. Nor have I been able to get in any meaningful speedwork. I don’t know why. I’ve not had any injuries to speak of. Perhaps my age is catching up on me and I’m pushing it too hard; but I’m hitting walls even when I’m not running hard. Perhaps I’m not willing to push through painful stretches; but I’m hitting such stretches all too frequently.

So it looks like I have to adjust my year’s objectives. The fallout from my broken elbow — 11 1/2 months ago — is still being felt, mentally if not physically. On the bright side is that I can run the Mamaroneck Five-Miler in November, although the Paine to Pain Half on Oct. 4 is out because of the trails, and Grete.