Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

Run for Central Park four-miler. Kind of warm, kind of humid.

Given my lack of speedwork, I went into this as a good way to get some. I knew I wasn’t needed for the Club (it’s a team-scoring race), so that took pressure off. Got there in plenty of time, but the sun was beating down on the start, so held off until about 8:47 to get into corral 1. Stayed farther back than normal.

The course: start on the East Drive south of 72nd, up Cat Hill. Mile 1 at the start of the straight between 87th and 93rd. Left on 102nd transverse, where hit mile 2. South down west side, with mile 3 at about 87th Street. Finish with a left turn onto 72nd Street transverse.

Race began at 9, and it took me quite a while to start moving. I probably was too far back as I had to fight my way through for a while. But I didn’t feel great, didn’t feel fast. Up Cat Hill (with a wave to Cat) and grabbed water before the Mile 1 mark. Past the mark: Clock read 6:17, although my watch had it at 6:11. This is slow, even with Cat Hill.

But I started to feel OK. Cutting the tangents like crazy (and virtually alone in doing so) and into a groove. Not super-fast, but feeling solid, good form. 2 at about 12:10. Grab water. A solid mile 3, which has three slight ups. Picking off plenty of people. See Lara of NYFlyGirl, who I met at the recent get-together, but she doesn’t recognize me; I recognize her because she cheers for a NY Flyer right ahead of me.

Final mile is largely downhill, but it still always hurts. I see a couple of older-looking guys ahead and don’t think I can catch them. But I start picking it up a bit, and I get them both. Sharp left — one of the two cuts me off a little so I give him a chop. Finish is not as deep into the transverse as it used to be, and I’m grateful for that. Run all the way through. Final time: 24:09. 161st overall, 6th AG, 81.0% age-graded, the lowest age-grading I’ve ever had in a road race. (Some, but decidedly not all, of my clubmates also ran poorly.)

Jogged up to 125th Street Metro-North station with a bunch of clubmates, which was fun. WSSAC’s Masters, though, only finished second (although it remains in the lead).

I’m not surprised by this since I’m working things through and have only done one speedworkout recently. So get in a solid Tempo run this coming week and regular speed after that and I should be fine.

Next race: Club Champs. Aug. 8.