The irony here is that Tavia, who was kept from London by injury, is among the healthiest of the frequenters to this blog. I mentioned Robert’s (CH’s) malady, although he’s taking the first steps to recovery. Julie, in her typical subtle way, labeled her most-recent post, “It’s official: I’m completely effed up”; she’s making herself take a week off. Flo is finally getting over an IT-band issue.

Meanwhile, I’ve been all over the map. Some good days, some bad. The yo-yoing to which I referred. Fortunately I’m still generally managing 8 milers each day. Except yesterday, when a planned 12 saw me stopping at 3. I soldiered on for another mile, until I turned at Crestwood Station and headed back, only to stop after about 5 total. Not an injury. Just dead legs.

Friday had been a great trail run. It was the first time out on Nature Study/Twin Lakes since August. There were lots of branches, and some trees, down, so I had a few stopping points to get around obstructions, but I felt nice and relaxed and strong. So yesterday morning was bad. I decided I needed some speedwork, to get life back into my legs, which have been suffering the lingering affects of a cold. Last time I tried that I had a right quad issue early on and had to stop. But yesterday afternoon saw me down at the B’ville track doing 4 sets of 200, 200, 400 (full recovery) at 5:00-5:15 pace.

But then this morning’s run stopped after less than half a mile when my right quad started to make itself heard. Not like it had at that last track workout. But enough to invoke the twinge rule. I thought of trying again later today, but decided to let it rest.

It’s on the cusp of panic-time. But I think there’s still time, given my fairly large base, to be ready to go come November. I do miss the structure that was set when I was coaching SSRMC, and I need to set out one night a week in which I will regularly do speed, hills, tempos, repeats, etc.