This is such a frustrating business this running. I write this after the following runs:

  • Friday: Streets of New Rochelle, rolling along at around 6:40 pace after mile 1, including the climb up Paine Avenue. But too fast and stopped at 5.5.
  • Saturday: Time to get serious with training. Plan: 2 easy, 5 at MP, 1 @ Tempo, 4 @ MP, 1 @ Tempo, 1 @ MP. Result: Completely dead in legs. Made it 1/4 mile at MP, and couldn’t do it so ran 6, stopping with an aching knee and hopes of better things tomorrow.
  • Sunday: OK, today I’ll do yesterday’s plan but try the track. Get to track. It’s closed. But still feel like crap, so just hang together for 8. Doubt whether I’ll even run smoothly/quickly again.
  • Monday: So now I’m at the point of despair. I figure with my heavy, heavy legs, some speed work along the lines of Repeats and Hills might be the way to go. Then I head out for my 8 and start to feel OK and then start to feel fast and pick it up so I’m doing the final 3 at a 6:25 pace. No heaviness, relaxed, but pleasantly strained and hold stride and speed together for the duration.

It is now Tuesday. I think some pure speed work is the way to go. So it’ll be a bunch of 200 and 400 repeats. Fun stuff.

I am racing the 10K at the Rockies on Saturday. That’ll be tough (all on familiar trails), although I won’t be “racing” it too hard.

[Edited to add: Ouch. The plan did not go to plan. Returning to the Pelham track, I got through a set of 200, 200, 400 at 37, 37, and 76 but my right quad acted up after about 190 of the next 200. Jogged and it tightened up at the start of the following 200. A jog didn’t clear it up, so I called it a day. No long-term harm (I think/hope), but there it is.]