This podcast thing is really great. I don’t mean the NY Runners one, which I may or may not try to revive depending on interest (although I’ve enjoyed the two I’ve done). No. Now I’ve found all of these “skeptic” sites.

I started with Skeptics Guide to the Universe, then siddled over to Skepticality, The Official Podcast of Skeptics Magazine. These are essentially science programs that suck you in. The mantra is that the proof is in the science.

Skepticism occurred to me when I came upon a piece in the Well section of the New York Times entitled, “Better Running Through Walking.” It’s essentially an endorsement of Gallowalking. And of course I could not resist commenting a few times. But it really brought out people from both sides of the issue. My view is that it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I wish there were some evidence that a properly trained person can race a marathon faster using Gallowalking than running the whole thing.

I’m also skeptical about the three-days-a-week training approach. I understand that some follow it to avoid injury. The same for cross-training. But it seems to me that if one’s easy days are easy enough to allow for recovery, there are benefits to those runs, and if there are benefits to those runs, one is better off taking them if one’s objective is to run as well as one can run. And I’m convinced based upon my own experience — and I realize that skeptics will be, well, skeptical about an experiment of one — that I at least need more miles if I’m to perform at that level.