After some back-and-forth with other bloggers, I figure I’ll give this podcasting thing a try. It may not work.

I set up an account at The episode is scheduled for 9pm on Monday night. The way it works, I think, is that you click on that link. After you get to TalkShoe, you register and then sign-in. If you call the number, you are put into the call, subject to the person-in-charge muting/unmuting, and a chat room screen also opens. If you don’t have a phone, you can (assuming you’re not using VoIP to call in) listen to the episode and follow things in the chatroom.

I also created a WordPress page, NY Running Podcast.

Again, this is an experiment. The call is recorded. Initially, I think it would be interesting for something of an intro session, i.e., the varying routes taken to get into this sport. Plus reports from Reebok and Brooklyn and whatever.

This is a no-commitment thing. People can come and go as they please.