A couple of days back I posted about a podcast from the Competitors with Ryan Hall, Josh Cox, and David Goggins.

Goggins is an amazing athlete, a Navy SEAL who does some crazy stuff, hating (he claims) every step to prove to himself what he’s made of (he’s a SEAL, for God’s sake, what more does he have to do?) and to raise money for kids of mothers and fathers killed in action, the Special Operations Warrior Fund. He’s raised north of $600,000 for the fund. He’s wonderfully self-effacing, and the type of guy you wouldn’t mind being stuck with for a few hours.

I happened to e-mail Bob Babbit, who did the show, on something else and referred to that broadcast. Bob wrote back that Dave had emergency heart surgery shortly after doing the show. It was a congenital defect never discovered and apparently everything looks good for him.

This was posted on his blog from May 19:

Hey Everyone,

This is David’s family. We wanted to give you an update on David and what he has been up to. I believe we now know why David hates what he does so much…. He realy is suffering out there. About 10 days ago we recieved some bad news. David went in to the Doctor for a check up and they found a birth defect in his heart. It is known as ASD (atrial Septum Defect). To explain it breifly, this means he has a hole in his heart. He has had it since birth and no one was able to detect it on routine check ups. It is very dangerous in scuba diving, high altitude and extreme athletics. It can cause the heart to go into heart failure without warning. So, to make a long story short. For 34 years David has been working with about 3/4 of his heart. The right side of his heart was recieving too much oxygenated blood and it wasn’t going to the rest of his body like it should.

On Thursday of last week David went in for surgery. They were able to repair the hole and he is now in the process of recovering. It will be a long 6 month road back to his normal self, but trust me when we say, he will be back to his normal self:)

Thank you all for your support of David. It means a lot to him and to us as well.