I know from experience that when you stop late in a marathon, people go nuts when you start up again. Here’s a video from Boston. I can imagine him being perfectly clear in his head but with his legs simply not cooperating and calmly, internally summoning up the energy to start up. It’s not one of those zig-zagging/about to collapse things.

The runner is Kevin Alessandro, a 29 year-old from Louisville, who went out in 1:16:23 and came home in 1:36:21, for a 2:52:44.

There’s a thread on LetsRun, and he responded, saying,

Dear god this video is getting around. The funny thing is that running a 1:16 isnt a problem and wasnt the issue at Boston. I actually planned on going out in 1:15, but altered the plan b/c of the wind.

My problems resulted because of hydration. The wind made it feel like I wasnt as dehydrated as I obviously was, so.. Lesson learned.

Also on Boston, here’s a nice video (from mile 23) that shows what it’s like waiting for the lead runner in a major U.S. Marathon. It’s like this in New York, with the motorcycles clearing the road. It’s unlike Rotterdam which had all of these motorbikes zipping in and out with people yelling at the runners, like in a cycling event.

Merga looks good and he looks fast:

Edited to add: JT flagged this Boston race-report. Talk about cutting it close.