Mamaroneck Track

Mamaroneck Track

During a down moment early on at the 2006 Reach-the-Beach Relay, Patrick noted that the trip was a rare chance to be truly away.

And so it is with the track, a place where the focus is on the moment and pushing through that moment. It concentrates the mind wonderfully. Not necessarily the track, of course, since it can be wherever one is doing a designated workout during the week. But that once, maybe twice, a week rendezvous with speed.

Around and around.
Straight-away, turn, straight-away.
Freedom with each stride.

[Edited to add: Flo notes the unavailability of a track for her. Indeed. In my early days at Warren Street, we did our speedwork in Central Park, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they were a particular oasis, in sight of the tall buildings that surround the Park. This generally consisted either of laps of the Great Lawn — there were marks every 440 and the whole thing was, if I recall correctly, a hair under a half-mile around — or up Cat Hill. We’d sometimes do Death Loops. The Oasis is, in the end, largely a state of mind. But I did relish returning to an actual track when I headed back to Westchester.]