I put up the stuff on Lance Armstrong because I just came upon it and thought it merited mention given my earlier posts. But that stuff’s really a downer.

So I’m putting my number for tomorrow’s race on my jersey and my chip on my shoe and getting my stuff together. I always have aches and pains and nervousness the night before a race, and tonight’s no exception. Tomorrow is the Scottish 10K, and among the things I received with my number were a parka emblazoned with a St. Andrew’s Cross and a St. Andrew’s Cross flag, that being the flag of Scotland. It is a flag I carried during ceremonies for the World XC championships at the Meadowlands in 1984, when I led in the Scottish women’s team.


Ryan Hall after winning the 2007 Olympic Trials, Central Park

So the 10K finishes at Tavern on the Green, so it is an important race, since only important races finish there. Don’t know what’ll happen, but I hope to run decently. We’ll see.

The point of this post, however, is not me. It’s a couple of things on Ryan Hall and Boston. There’s an interview with him and Amby Burfoot and Pete Gambaccini — a tall, thin runner against whom I used to race in the early 80s — that discusses his Boston prep. But the favorite part is this:

You do long marathon buildups with relatively few races. The marathon also requires lots of long training runs. What do you primarily think about during these long months and long runs?
RH: Do you want the encyclopedia or the “Cliff Notes” version? I think about lots of different stuff. What has been different in this buildup is that for the last three months there has been a theme for each month.

For the first month the theme was “fire.” Fire in the sense of passion and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Then it wings. We see bald eagles out here from time to time and they always get me fired up to feel the pleasure of flying when I run. I like to picture myself soaring in the windstream of God’s wings when I run. The last month has been “joy.” I have just been really enjoying my training, Mammoth, friends, our church, just life in general for the last three months. Recently, I have just been basking in that joy in the same way that my Dog basks in the warm sun that shines through our window on a cold winter day. I am not wishing away any days, I am just loving each moment as they come.

Then there’s this Flotrack video of previewing the Boston course, infinitely superior to one of a certain Nike athlete to which mention might have been made on this very blog earlier this week.

(That photo is one I took from the stands at Tavern on the Green after Hall won the OT in 2007.)