I’ve been on the RunnersRoundTable a few times and am scheduled to appear again in July on the topic, “Road Relays.” Scanning upcoming episodes, however, there doesn’t seem to be a lot in which I’m interested, and the last few episodes have skewed towards ultra runners, triathletes, and serial marathoners.

Most (but not all) of the runners that I know fall into none of those categories.

RunnersRoundTable follows two formats. Most programs consist of 4 or 5 moderators and 1 or 2 guests brought in to discuss a particular topic. Less rarely is the “open mike” session. While the show is on, there is a chatroom in which anyone with access to a computer can chime in and there are interesting discussions, sometimes completely separated from what’s going on in the oral discussion. That discussion is recorded and is available as a podcast, including via iTunes. It’s an hour-long, but can be shorter.

I have no idea whether others would be interested in such an endeavor from the perspective of the serious runner (not necessarily the “racer”) who doesn’t fall into the above categories, i.e., those who run up to a marathon and then maybe 2 or 3 a year, if that many, but also for those who race shorter distances on the roads or on the track or in cross-country.

So if there is any interest in participating or listening or both, please drop a comment or suggestion. Maybe once a month or bi-weekly to see what happens.

Since most of the folks I know are in the NY area (or nearby), it would also have a geographic focus since we’d all be curious about local, esp. NYRR, races. And being NY-centric, I’d hope for a fair amount of disagreement/dissent.