After a few weeks, I decided to head up to the Rockies today. I figured that there would be folks heading out from the Sleepy Hollow HS parking lot at 8:30, and I saw Mike Owens, the coach at Manhattanville College, my alma mater, who was kind enough to send me an M’Ville track/XC t-shirt. Coincidentally, that’s the shirt I chose to wear this morning, along with arm warmers and compression shorts. It was a bit chilly early, but as it warmed up I was glad I could take the warmers off. (I’ve downgraded the temperature at which I wear arm warmers as opposed to a long-sleeve shirt after seeing a post by someone who wore them when it was 6 degrees. F.)

Rockies, March 22

Rockies, March 22

So it was a nice, controlled run, not the type of overheated thing I tend to do alone. No problems, 1:27, with plenty of hills throughout.

For the week, two days off with PT, one good tempo session, several enjoyable runs after work (great because they were outside and the temp was not bad), a nine-miler in which a pretty quick pace felt like a jog, and a nice trail run.

Strangely, though I find that a particular pace seems much harder when I’m in a group than when I’m alone. It’s counter-intuitive. Running with others and being diverted by conversation should ease things. But especially when I’ve been at the Rockies with others, things can get pretty dicey even at a pace, say, 10 seconds slower than I run for the exact same course.