From the Runners Round Table, on which I was this afternoon (listen, if you dare), where I mentioned road relays. Here’s something about them I wrote a bit ago:

Road Relays.

If there are any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. As I say, these relays are all over the country. We hope to have a show dedicated to road relays in the summer.

Edited to add: I posted the above right after the show, in case anyone was interested in road relays. The theme of the show itself was the Buckeye Outdoors training log site. Largely the work of the show’s guest, Ben Deutschle, it is worth a visit. Most significantly, it syncs with workouts you download from a Garmin or similar device into SportTracks. It is set up so that if you can download to SportTracks, you can sync with Buckeye Outdoors. Once you get the sync set up, it takes about 10 seconds to sync subsequent workouts.

You can also, as with many other sites, manually put in stuff.

But the more interesting thing is GoWagon. In essence it syncs your workouts in Buckeye Outdoors to a larger world. By that I mean it is set up as a community. Think Facebook for runners. So you have “friends” and you can see what other people are doing in their running, provided that they designate their stuff as “public.” (At the request of someone, it is set so that you can make your “home” private in the mapping function.) As with Twitter, you can also follow people, or be followed by them.

This is GoWagon. It’s in its early days, but Ben is doing a great job. But he makes it clear that he is not alone in this, and gives plenty of credit to the others that have helped him. Listen to the podcast — my voice isn’t as bad as I feared, although I am a little quiet.