After getting home late last night (later still because I missed the train by about 30 seconds after waiting 20 minutes for the subway at Borough Hall after being a moot-court judge), I awoke to a temperature in the high 50s. This was the first warm day we’ve had for a while, and quite a change from the snow of just a few days before.

Shorts and t-shirt for perhaps the first time since my accident. Traditional out-and-back to Hearney Road in Eastchester along the Bronx River Parkway path (that’s not a photo from today; things are not so green yet).

View from Bridge, BRP Path, Yonkers/Bronxville

View from Bridge, BRP Path, Yonkers/Bronxville

As I’ve noted before, I can get excited when I do a “new” run, i.e., a run I haven’t done in a while. So today found me going out a little too quickly because it felt so good to be out on a beautiful sunny morning. I start from my door and while my first mile is the slowest one, it’s not a jog. But it was too quick today and was not helped by a 6:37 second. Ease it back was the requirement, since I was going farther than I have since the accident — 10 miles.

So I got matters under control, though still in the 6:35-6:55 range. For much of the run, I was not breathing hard but was going at a solid clip. That changed late in the run as I struggled over the last miles, breathing pretty hard.

I posted a few responses in JT’s Races Like A Girl entry “Going Mental.” She speaks of the evils of stopping and of the good that knowledge of the evils of stopping can have during the dark moments of a run. So this came to mind over the final mile today. Hold it together, and don’t stop. It worked. I was still blitzed, but I didn’t stop.

So that finishes the week. 35 miles, with no runs on Thursday (PT) and Friday (moot court).

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