Today was one of those “important runs.” Important because you’re at a point in training when things could go either way and advancing requires a solid injection of confidence. Yesterday’s run set this one up because I felt that I had recovered my old form. So today was to be an 8-miler. If I could get that far, and relax while I was doing it, I knew the doubts about doing, say, a 15K next month would be reduced, if not gone. The gamble, of course, is that failure feeds the beast.

In the event, the run went very well. A bit of a chill that belied the clear sunny sky, accompanied by a solid wind going against me on the way out. Typical early struggling, but then no breathing issue, no form issue. The path (paved) along the Bronx River Parkway was clear so it was four miles and turn around. Got to four miles and turned around. Consistent splits on the way home, with a bit of a tail wind. Started to tire at maybe six, but decided to throw in a short, steep hill with about one to go. Good use of arms getting up, an issue with my elbow, and made it without a problem although somewhat breathlessly.

Home and threw in a couple of strides, for the first time since August. A good, satisfying run. Now I’m a bit more tired than perhaps I should be after “only” eight, but happy to be so.