I see that Julie has encountered one of those aches that seem inevitable (although I don’t know if they are), and sees running through it. On Tuesday, out of the blue, I suddenly had a pain in my hamstring tendon so I’ve been sidelined. I hobbled through Grand Central on my way home and am icing it. Fortunately, in a sense, I’ve not really started training so I don’t feel completely thrown for a loop (as Julie likely is since she is in the middle of training).

I should note that there was no “event” associated with this. It simply started to bother me on Tuesday afternoon; my prior run was Sunday morning.

In recent years, I find that rest generally heals things like this, so I’m not doing any running. Maybe by the weekend. I hope.

On a separate front, my orthopedist gave me a thumbs up today. He said I was lucky. Were I not improving, he was going to numb my arm and straighten it out that way. In part, my PT Tin Tin tells me, there’s a mental aspect of this; my bicep, which should be passive when I extend my arm, is resisting and holding it back. But I’m close to the point at which the bicep is letting it go and not creating an impediment. Each day is giving me more extension — straightening — and flex and I can now use both hands to button the next-to-top button on a shirt and to put in my contact lens (did that for the first time today). So things are looking good on that score.

Her mental observation is interesting. There has been more and more written on that as a “limiter” of running performance, by Brad Hudson, Allan Besselink, and Matt Fitzgerald, all of whom speak of paying attention to neuro-muscular development as part of overall training. Once I get a few weeks of training in, I’m going to have to integrate some of that into my training program.