Last Sunday‘s run was aborted shy of 2 miles (although I ran it in from there) when I just couldn’t keep going. Monday on the treadmill was a similar disaster as I planned on 6 miles but just stopped after 3.

So Tuesday‘s run was important to break the cycle. Because I had to drive to court out on the Island, I ended up working from home, which allowed me to go for a run outside before PT. And a good run it was. 6 miles at a decent pace. So that restored some confidence.

Wednesday was a no-run day because of PT. Thursday: a solid 5 on the treadmill. Friday, another no-run because of PT.

Saturday thus was another test. I hate being in that position, but now it’s a thin line between making progress and becoming a lump of coal that isn’t going anywhere. Six, at a minimum. Still struggling a bit, although the pace was pretty solid sub-7 after a couple of miles, and got through 6, then 7, and made the ultimate goal of 8.

With that under my belt, nice and easy today, Sunday, eager to avoid a repeat of last Sunday’s troubles. Things warmed up a bit, with a temp north of freezing. But still stuck on the streets and getting tired of the snow. A solid run, and finally after about 4 I was no longer breathing too frequently. So I decided to throw in a short (about 150 yards) but steep hill towards the end. This is a hill in Bronxville that I like to include at the end of medium runs, about a mile from home.

Today for the first time I was able to use my arms to help power my way up, and I think that really helped my arm, so it was a win-win. Six and a quarter at 7 pace.

So, for the week (Monday to Sunday), 28 miles for 5 days. Not great, but a start. I want to get a little more in my legs before I start thinking of specific training.