Actually, so far it’s just the treadmill. Went to see the Doc yesterday, and he gave me the all clear on running. I’m a project; he wants me to be “competitive” by the Spring. (His wife is a top local Masters runner.) Staples out of my arm. The blistering and bruising almost gone. Range of motion greatly enhanced. And I can almost make a fist.

So yesterday got in 2.5 miles on the treadmill, after 11 days off. Now I have to think of training for the Spring. I’m thinking of the May 16 Healthy Kidney 10K as a target race. One + lap of Central Park, finishing at Tavern on the Green. I managed a 35:35 last year, and it was my best race of the year. Plus it’s a team race (although I doubt I’ll be one of our three scorers). Greg Diamond beat me (he beat me numerous times last year), so I got second in 50-54, although I was still only 94th overall.

More immediately, I’ll see how I feel after a week and then start thinking about a specific training plan. I’m planning on integrating some of the concepts in Brad Hudson’s “Run Faster,” particularly related to including hills and speedwork early in the process. (Here’s a Running Times audio interview with Hudson.) As a rule I have no problem with the concept, since I love doing speedwork and hillwork, which help break up the monotony of straight runs. Plus if the track’s clear, I can go there, even at night. (As an aside, Kevin Beck speaks of an article he wrote in Running Times about John Cook and makes reference to Cook stalking Shannon Rowbury (I believe) in Oregon while she was wearing a headlamp to run on the dark track. I have been known to run on tracks with my headlamp.)