The surgical experience was a bit more than i anticipated. I checked into the hospital at about 1:40 on Friday. They rolled me towards the OR at about 3, but first i stopped in recovery. There I met with an anesthesiologist who inserted a catheter into my arm to block the nerves into the arm. This was to numb the arm and allow for elbow manipulation.

I should note that I’m very, very nearsighted and so I can’t really see much of anything. So they then roll me into the OR. This is where it got surreal. My arm was draped over my stomach. Or so I thought, and so my brain told me. But I looked to my left and could see my arm at shoulder height. Yet my brain insisted it wasn’t there.

In any case, they soon gave me gas and I was gone. I woke up about 3 hours later in the Recovery Room. From there to my room, in which I got the window seat. My wife told me that the docs were very happy about things, and that one had shown her he could bend my arm straight out. I haven’t been anywhere near that.

They cleaned out debris and new bone growth that had been impinging on my elbow. They stretched the arm to have the muscles get used to the movement. But the big concern became the prospect for infection. I still had the catheter in me, blocking a significant amount of feeling in the arm. This concerned me. What would happen when they took it out? In fact, I haven’t particularly felt any pain there.

So they kept me for several days with an antibiotic drip. Things got a bit dicey on Sunday when the arm got very red. But that cleared by Monday morning. After one more day, and a couple of PT sessions in the hospital, they let me go.

Right now I have good stretches and bad stretches, as happened after my first surgery. I’m trying to keep an even keel. The prognosis for recovery looks good.