One of the benefits of living in an older suburb is that streets tend not to be in grids and sidewalks tend to be plentiful. The latter isn’t so relevant in a post-snow environment, but the streets are plowed early (the efficiency of which varies by community) and this allows for ready running on quiet roads.

I live on a dead-end, and my city sometimes doesn’t get around to plowing it. Which is what happened with our most recent snowfall. Everywhere else, though, is in good shape. So this morning I had a typical winter run heading up and down streets with the occasional crossing of Route 22. Little uphills and little downhills.

Afterwards, looking at the map, I realized that I had made a lot of turns, and counted 53 of them. This lends variety to the run. Head down to that stop sign and make a left. Stuff like that.

I’m using the treadmill a lot as well. I miss being able to run outside on quiet, winter nights on the same roads as today. I’d be lit up like a Christmas tree, with flashing light in back, headlamp in front and a reflective vest. But post-injury it’s the treadmill for me. It seems more difficult to me, but I’ve been paying attention about how straining running on the roads is, and it can be tough as well. The variety and changing terrain seem to make the big mental difference.

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